About Hung Fook


In 1998, Hung Fook Food Trading Limited was started to invest in the healthy vegetarian market. In the year of 2017,the company restructured its structure and transferred its business to Hung Fook Food Wholesales Co., Ltd. continue to provide high-quality products to their valuable customer.

Headquartered established in Hong Kong and mainly responsible for administrative, accounting and operations control duties. Every day, after the company received various orders in Hong Kong, the transport department is responsible for arranging delivery of products to different customers in Hong Kong. In order to keep the products fresh and hygienic, we have a number of large cold storage facilities in the headquarters. In order to further enhance the general public’s understanding of vegetarian products, Hung Fook Food has set up counters in various major supermarkets to promote and introduce a variety of diversified products. The manufacturing of the products is mainly responsible by the group’s factory located at Huizhou – Hung To Food (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

Hung Fook Food (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and in the year of 2019, Hung Fook Food (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Hung To Food (Huizhou) Co., Ltd were merged together and moved to Daguang Village, Zhenlong Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City.  While expanding the production scale, with a total investment of RMB78 million and a total area of approximately 17,000 square meters. With a floor area of approximately 26,000 square meters. The factory is mainly engaged in the processing and production of soya products, flour products and pastries.

Hung To Food (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of soya products, flour products and pastries. All products are exported to Hong Kong and the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam etc. It has a good reputation in the industry.

In order to ensure that the products can meet the Group’s requirements for product quality 「hygiene and quality」,there are strict requirements in the selection of raw materials. In order to make the products more creamy and rich in soya bean flavor。 The Group carefully selects all the materials, such as “Soybeans”, one of the main raw materials, which is imported from Canada with non-GMO high-quality soybeans. The whole production line adopts modern technology and equipment to ensure the quality of the products. The company strictly supervises all parts of the production process to ensure that all batch of products are high-quality and hygienic。

In addition, the Group is committed to its commitment to its customers, defining the requirements for product quality and investing in exceeding Hong Kong Dollars Tens Millions in purchased a number of production equipment, automatic machines, all of which belong to the most advanced and hygienic. The factory adopted steam boilers, high-temperature heating non-stiff steel production lines, constant temperature baking and baking rooms, high-temperature sterilization pots, large refrigerated warehouses and transportation fleets. Traditional production methods are used to closely monitor the production process with special personnel to achieve international production standards. This alone can be called a model of hygiene in the soy products and flour products industry.

Every employee in the factory is professionally trained, equipped with sanitary hats, masks and gloves when working in uniforms, and washes hands and passes through the sanitizer when entering and leaving the factory to maintain a high level of hygiene.

The Group has been committed to the research and development of food, with the tenet of “stable quality”, “customer first” and “excellence”, and gives full play to its existing role to meet the rapid demand of the market.  At the same time, it has passed the HACCP management system certification and get the approved certificate by Halal . These can proved that Hung Fook Food’s products are high-quality and customer’s satisfaction.